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They determined that using weak organic acids as acidulants for pressure-processed foods may be advantageous in terms of their microbial destruction capabilities, when compared to strong inorganic acids.
The application of weak organic acids as an acidulant for pressure-processed foods may be advantageous in terms of their microbial destruction capabilities, when compared to strong inorganic acids.
The only ionic difference between the two groups was the weak organic acid (WOA) flux activators (Table 1).
The failure site of a vendor A component with the corrosion showed high MSA and sulfate levels with low chloride, bromide and weak organic acid (WOA) levels, while the comparison site to the non-corroded quad flat pack (QFP) showed low MSA, chloride, bromide sulfate and WOA levels.
Ion chromatography results showed that failed assemblies and current production samples were each high in chloride and weak organic acid (WOA) values.
The most significant difference indicator was discovered to be the large delta in the weak organic acid (WOA) levels between the reference area and the battery area (Table 1).
The level of chloride, bromide and weak organic acid (WOA), for the water-cleaned only solder paste, was high and posed great risk for electrical leakage and electromigration problems.
Carboxyl acids are weak organic acids whereas sulfonic acids are among the strongest acids available.
Ouyang, "Solution-processed pedot:pss films with conductivities as indium tin oxide through a treatment with mild and weak organic acids," ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol.
*Exception to pH requirements: Recent testing has concluded that brines inhibited with organic matter that generate weak organic acids may exhibit lower pH values.
(3) Test equipment used enabled analysis of anions, cations and weak organic acids. All boards tested resulted in contamination levels well below IPC limits.
Although some organic acidemias result in lowered blood pH, other organic acidemias are associated with relatively weak organic acids that do not typically cause acidosis.