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Essential information like departure/arrival times, airport delays, gate assignment and local weather Flight tracking on zoomable maps
In addition to the bad weather flight alert, Traxo is planning to expand Traxo Alert Services to include other convenience, time and money saving, and point earning benefits.
Weather flight continued excellence by issuing 18 warnings, watches, and advisories as Afghanistan recovered from one of the coldest winters on record.
21st Operations Support Squadron weather flight specialists keep their eyes on the next day's forecast while other Airmen staff the Peterson Installation Control Center.
WET, WET, WET Lions bench braves the miserable weather FLIGHT OF THE EARLS IRELAND star Keith Earls avoids Boks defence before diving in for his try.
For example, a technician at a weather flight would no longer produce a series of mission-tailored flight weather briefings (DOD form 175-1) for C-130 intratheater supply missions in Iraq since automated forecast-tailoring software would generate those products, based on the crews' request.
I was happy and surprised - I didn't expect it,'' said Harvey, a Weather Flight staff meteorologist with the 412th Operations Support Squadron.
It provides 100 percent of the interceptor, 64 percent of the air traffic control, 49 percent of the tactical airlift, 45 percent of the KC-135 refueling capability, 32 percent of the general purpose fighter force, 23 percent of the rescue and recovery capability, 16 percent of tactical air support, 15 percent of the weather flight, 11 percent of the strategic airlift capability and 6 percent of the Air Force's special operations capability.
Sig-nificantly, all three crews elected to avoid the convective weather Flight 447 apparently entered.
Naval School, All Weather Flight at Corpus Christi provided second-tour Navy and Marine Corps aviators a three-month postgraduate course in instrument flying.