WebUIWeb User Interface
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- Added search by Company Inventory Id on the WebUI
- Join Domain failures are now reported in the WebUI in task history
MOTODEV Studio for WebUI, likely to be available as a technology preview later this quarter, is designed to support the creation and testing of lightweight WebUI widgets and full-featured, context-aware WebUI applications that can access local device services and support future versions of Motorola's MOTOMAGX mobile Linux platform.
The Linux version of ?Torrent includes only this WebUI for controlling the application.
"With over-delivery of nearly two hundreds new tools, the WebUI Studio 2010 release translates to three regular releases, making it the most ultimate masterpiece we've ever made," said Jimmy Petrus, Intersoft's CEO.
"This makes WebUI Studio the finest .NET development toolset available, and at the same time makes the most of your investment and every of your hard-earned dollar."
Every WebUI Studio 2010 tools - both new and existing - comes with full support for Microsoft's latest technology and development environment, the .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio[R] 2010.
Together with the gold release of ClientUI, as part of WebUI Studio 2010 Premier[R], Intersoft today launched a new website (clientui.com) to provide learning resources, showcase and product information related to ClientUI.
Intersoft WebUI Studio[R] 2010 can be purchased at www.intersoftpt.com/store.