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WWNWeekly World News
WWNWorld Wide Name
WWNWorld Wide Number
WWNWorld Webcasting Network
WWNWizarding Wireless Network
WWNWorkshop Website Network
WWNWorld Wide Network
WWNWith Winch
WWNWorld Wide Net, Inc.
WWNWer Will Nochmal (German: Who Will Again; TV show)
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Weekly World News, which on its online version refers to itself as "The World's Only Reliable News," has for nearly three decades spun out tales of alien invasions, fantastic archeological discoveries, and, most memorably, of Bat Boy, a half-human, half-bat creature found in a cave back in 1992.
If it's salacious and completely unbelievable, it's probably in the Weekly World News, which recently turned its sardonic gaze on our corner of the industry.
It's hard to easily categorize BAT BOY LIVES!: it's a humor title which also is based on the Weekly World News gossip publication's impossible, sensationalist headlines--and it provides tongue-in-cheek commentary on celebrities, culture, politics, alien abductions and more within its pages of 'impossible events'.
Nonetheless, there is no denying that tabloids such as the National Inquirer, Globe and The Weekly World News have a broad audience in the United States and Canada.
Anyway, folks, as a keen student of this sort of guff, I was thrilled to pick up a copy of Weekly World News just before flying home from Las Vegas last week (the wife went on honeymoon with her mobile phone and I tagged along for the ride).
Because my source is the Weekly World News, a Florida-based publication which also reports the discovery on the moon of oil deposits a thousand times bigger than Saudi Arabia's reserves.
Tickets to the musical at the Off-Broadway Union Square Theater in New York come with a bonus: a free copy of the Weekly World News.
You'll find the new Auto World alongside its sister Weekly World News (our favorite source for Elvis and alien info) at grocery check-out counters across the U.S.
According to the utterly bizarre US Weekly World News, 200,000 ghosts are haunting chatrooms passing themselves off as living people.
Tabloid heading from the Weekly World News: "Noah Kicked Some Animals Off the Ark." This, not surprisingly, made them extinct.
Either he has an exclusive worthy of Weekly World News or he's proving that writers should give a little thought to their analogies.
Last year, Time cited the JonBenet Ramsey story as evidence that 1997 was the "Year Emotions Ruled." Recently, the Weekly World News reported that scientists were planning to clone the toddler beauty queen.