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WPTDWaste, Pesticides and Toxics Division (US EPA)
WPTDWeeks Prior to Delivery
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Among the 5 mothers with a prenatal HIV test, 1 knew her positive HIV status at the time of delivery, 2 were tested 1-3 weeks prior to delivery but did not know their result, and 2, who had HIV-infected partners, had a negative HIV prenatal test during pregnancy (1 tested HIV-negative three months prior to delivery and for the other, the time of the HIV-negative test was unknown) and were infected subsequently.
Susana experienced yet another recurrence a couple of years later during her second pregnancy, resulting in a surgery six weeks prior to delivery. In the follow-up visits over the next two-plus years, the subject of the hemorrhoids never came up again until recently.
Hypertension had developed at gestational age 15-40 weeks, with 13 developing hypertension within 3 days of delivery and the remainder at 1-18 weeks prior to delivery. The average blood pressure was 161/94 mm Hg, and the mean arterial pressure was 116.
[check] Women receiving steroid tablets at a dose exceeding prednisolone 7.5 mg per day for more than two weeks prior to delivery should receive parenteral hydrocortisone 100 mg 6-8 hourly during labour.
Treatment during the 4 weeks prior to delivery has long been suspect for its efficacy.