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The velocity probability F(V), the scale parameter c (m/s), and the Weibull shape parameter k (dimensionless) which are obtained with MATLAB, are shown in Table 6.
Sigma = the reciprocal of the Weibull shape parameter (i.e.
The sample of 85 "slow" breeders had a Weibull shape parameter (p = 1.14) whose confidence interval overlapped 1.0.
Because the 95% CI around the Weibull shape parameter did not overlap 1.0 (without Bonferroni adjustment), mortality increased significantly with time (measured here as breeding span).
First, the Weibull shape parameter, p, was 1.00 (constant mortality).
These "fast" breeders had a higher Weibull shape parameter (1.25) than did all other subsamples, especially more heterogeneous subsamples of birds that bred at later ages or were of unknown age.
[Lambda]: Weibull scale parameter, [lambda] [is greater than] 0, [Beta]: Weibull shape parameter, [Beta] [equal to or greater than] 1, u: average estimated repair cost, r: average replacement cost of the system, c: repair cost limit, [Phi](c): average cost per unit time for repairs and replacement, [Gamma](x): the gamma distribution function.
The Weibull shape parameter for five year monthly mean ranges from 4 to 6 for Gwadar as compared to 2 to 3 for Pasni.
Although higher power density is observed for Pasni, nevertheless the calculated Weibull shape parameters indicate a more stable wind pattern in Gwadar as compared to Pasni.
Zhang and Meeker [2] explains Bayesian methods for life testing planning with type-II censored data from the Weibull distribution when the Weibull shape parameter is given.