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In conclusion, the distance from the skin to the posterior or anterior margins of the spinal canal is more highly correlated with the weight/height ratio than age or height.
Regarding the duration of the episodes of diarrhea (Table 3), it was observed that, in community 1, chronic malnutrition (indicated by stature/age ratio < -1 and weight/height ratio < -1) was associated to an increased risk for children to present episodes of diarrhea lasting more than six days.
The traditional way of assessing whether you're overweight is to calculate your weight/height ratio using the body mass index (BMI).
If you look at the criteria used to measure physical growth - height, weight, and the weight/height ratio calculated at most wellness or physical exams of your child - there is seldom a dramatic link between physical growth spurts and accompanying pain.
Participants in the consistent-estimation group and underestimation group had similar waist and hip circumferences and weight/height ratios, but much higher than the participants in the overestimation group.
The use of anthropometric measurements by the practitioner experienced in such techniques may augment data provided by weight/height ratios (BMI).