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A study conducted in Ethiopia showed that average length of stay of children admitted at therapeutic feeding center (TFC) was 21 days and average weight gain was 13.4 g/kg/d 9 while these figures were 3.0 (9.0) gm /kg/day for weight gain and 12.7 (6.8 SD) days for mean length of stay in the nutritional rehabilitation center in an Indian study.10 Another Indian study reported average weight gain of 6.1g/kg/day and mean weight for height gain as -1.8 SD.11
There are limited inpatient care centers in developing countries and these often close down due to low resource and human allocation.4 It is estimated that 30% to 50% cases of acute severe malnutrition among children under five year of age die.16 The risk of dying was 9 times higher in the children having weight for height less than -3SD than those who had Z-Score above -1 SD.15
The advantage of MUAC over weight for height criteria in diagnosing SAM is its simple, rapid tool and has great advantage on operational problem of taking height and weight in resource-poor settings.
Assessment of severe malnutrition among hospitalized children in rural Kenya comparison of weight for height and mid upper arm circumference.
The indicators of nutritional status used were weight for height weight for age height for age.
The malnutrition was assessed by standard deviation classification 5 based on weight for age height for age and weight for height.
Whereas proportion of undernourished children according to weight for age, body mass index and weight for height criteria 42.59%, 41.67% and 36.11% respectively (Table II).
DISCUSSION: By weight for age criteria other study (10) found very higher proportion of children (61.6%) were under weight and by weight for height almost similar proportion of wasting (32.9%) among preschool children in comparison with the present study.
I like to swim, too#Acceptable weight for height: 8st 5lbs - 10st 8lbs Nilani said: 'Lara is the most underweight of these celebrities.
Nicole has cut starches and sugars out of her diet, including dairy produce#Acceptable weight for height: 10st 4lbs - 12st 13lbs Nilani said: 'By cutting out virtually all carbs and dairy foods, you lose one of the best sources of calcium and nutrients such as Vitamin B12 and riboflavin
Weight for height Z score less than -2 SD indicates wasting, a sign of acute malnutrition and detects short term nutritional deficits following an acute illness.12 Wasting in our study was 15% and was severe in 2.4%.
I worked with one 26-year-old male dancer who was 5 percent above his ideal weight for height. He followed a meal plan that amounted to 1,800 calories a day and 25 grams of fat.