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The following WHO charts for male and female children of different ages were included in this study: (i) Z-score weight for age chart for boys from birth to 5 years age; (ii) Z-score weight for age chart for boys from 5 to 10 years; (iii) Z-score weight for age chart for girls from birth to 5 years; (iv) Z-score weight for age charts for girls from 5 to 10 years; (v) Z-score height for age chart for boys from birth to 5 years; (vi) Z-score height for age charts for boys from 5 to 19 years; (vii) Z-score height for age chart for girls from birth to 5 years; and (viii) Z-score height for age chart for girls from 5 to 19 years.
According to weight for age, children were divided into 5 categories, i.
Table-2: Mean ranks of marks obtained in different groups according to weight for age.
The indicators of nutritional status used were weight for height weight for age height for age.
The malnutrition was assessed by standard deviation classification 5 based on weight for age height for age and weight for height.
Weight for Age parameter in Table 2 shows that 82 % (n=451) of children had normal weight for age while 14% (n=77) were underweight out of which 4% (n=22) were males and 10% (n=55) were females.
ability of identification of undernutrition in comparison to standard technique; weight for height was observed by criteria Kanawati and Mc Laren followed by weight for age and body mass index (Table III).
DISCUSSION: By weight for age criteria other study (10) found very higher proportion of children (61.
Weight for age is used quiet often for the assessment of nutritional status, but the accurate age of the children may not be known in the field, which leads to limit the use of this index for survey purpose (4).
Half of the 89 children with low weight for age at 40 weeks age, recovered weight, entered in the CNHS percentiles and ended at 13 months age with an adequate weight for age.
Half of 44 children with low weight for age, at 13 month age, had started follow up with an adequate weight, but lowered percentiles to end below 3rd.
Referring to growth of the weight for age, 50% of children ended up with low weight for age.