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Weights for each parameter were calculated through weight of evidence and overlaid to developed Landslide susceptibility index (LSI).
It would seem to me that the weight of evidence suggests this state of affairs is leading directly to underperformance in terms of profit.
Over 2000 interactions between specific drugs or drug groups are profiled, and each article rated as to whether action is required, the severity of effects, and the weight of evidence.
burgdorferi infection may persist for years in untreated patients, the weight of evidence is strongly against persistent infection as the explanation for persistent symptoms in antibiotic-treated patients with Lyme disease," he said.
WADA has no such concerns as to the complete process and the overwhelming weight of evidence," WADA President John Fahey said in the statement.
The weight of evidence is overwhelming and his performance in the Commons was hopeless.
The study adds to the weight of evidence that exposure to low levels of PCBs is inversely associated with fetal growth.
FA chairman David Bernstein said: "It is essential that we determine as soon as possible the weight of evidence behind these serious allegations .
Tsacheva nevertheless expressed concern that there should be such discrepancy between the view of the prosecution and that of courts regarding the weight of evidence against accused persons.
The weight of evidence gathered by investigators forced him to admit laundering pounds 1million of drug money.
Robert Hammond, energy expert for Consumer Focus, said: "The fact that wholesale prices are at a three-year low adds further to the already heavy weight of evidence that greater energy price cuts are needed.
We believe there should be a minimum price for alcohol, given the weight of evidence linking pricing with the amount people drink.