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WAWord After
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WAWilderness Act of 1984
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WAWarning Areas
WAWar Arranger (gaming)
WAWeapons Analyst
WAWallcoverings Association
WAWebAbacus (web analytics software)
WAWavelength Allocation
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WAWest by Air
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WAWilkinson's Approximation (algorithm)
WAWitches Anonymous (now Witches Armor for Magickal Protection)
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For all practical purposes, the integrated transmission and distribution network will get the weighted average cost for the distribution network.
And judging just how close the weighted average scores are this year, it's easy to deduce that U.S.
acted inconsistently with Article 2.4.2 of the AD Agreement when, in the specified antidumping investigations, it did not include in the numerator used to calculate weighted average dumping margins any amounts by which average export prices in individual averaging groups exceeded the average normal value for such groups.
First, since the cost of equity capital is typically several points higher than the cost of debt, increased returns to equity (higher aftertax dividends) will cause a greater portion of capital funding to shift to equity and thus raise the overall weighted average cost of capital.
Having properly assigned overhead and determined individual contribution margins, you may then use a weighted average of the individual contribution margins to distribute funds.
* Minimum prices and weighted average prices of tobacco.
Cash-flow projections discounted at a company's weighted average cost of capital--that is, the company's average expected return on investments--result in the most accurate measure of the liability.
(weighted average based on current bond prices at simple interest, in percentage) Average Comparison Average Yield with Yield at Previous Previous day Yearend Bonds Overall 1.34 UP 0.05
1.707-4(a)(3)(ii) is determined by multiplying the partner's unreturned capital at the beginning of the year--or at his option, the weighted average of his capital balance for the year--by the safe harbor interest rate for that year.
In particular, we understand that the Treasury is considering substituting a uniform rate, such as the applicable federal rate (AFR) (or, perhaps, AFR plus "one or two"), in lieu of taxpayer's individual determinations of their specific weighted average interest rate under Prop.
Group 1 Pool: 2,161 loans with an aggregate unpaid principal balance of $446,429,087; average loan size $206,584; weighted average note rate 3.31%; weighted average broker's price opinion (BPO) loan-to-value ratio of 75%.
The eight properties are 100% leased to 10 tenants and have a weighted average (by revenue) remaining lease term of more than four years, a weighted average building age of 13 years and a weighted average (by square feet) clear height of 34 feet.
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