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Popular 1980s spoof act Weird Al Yankovic is referenced in Donald McCain's Weird Al, Alpha Beat (Alfa Beat) are a Danish pop outfit, Planet Of Sound was a brilliant single on the 1991 Pixies album Trompe le Monde, Deep Purple is there for ageing rockers, Chicago Grey for middle-of-the-road fans and Cappa Bleu is as near as you like to Copper Blue, the seminal debut from Sugar and 1992 NME album of the year.
Devo Spice is a comedy rapper who bills himself as "the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem.
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC, 02 Academy, Birmingham FOR the first time he has ever played anywhere in Europe, Weird Al Yankovic showed no nerves as he put on a two-hour feast of comedy genius.
Fairgoers can take in performances by John Fogerty, Fergie and Weird Al Yankovic, watch the Rural Olympics and demolition derby, and view 12,000 entries in everything from baked goods and table settings to shoe-"blinging" and monster-size fruits and vegetables.
We'll only know he's really back when Weird Al Yankovic could be doing mickey-takes of him again.
1983: Weird Al Yankovic "I Love Rocky Road" (producer/player)
Guests on the series include personalities like Weird Al Yankovic and Jerry Stiller, as well as people like forest rangers, baseball scorekeepers and engineers.
Additional guests included executive producers Aaron Kaplan, Chris Miller, Ember Truesdell, Tracy Katsky, and Victor Fresco, Netflix's Cindy Holland and Jane Wiseman, Jesse Metcalfe, Maureen McCormick, "Divorce" star Molly Shannon, Cara Santana, DeObia Oparei, Joy Osmanski, Netflix chief operating officer Ted Sarandos and musician Weird Al Yankovic.
Also on the dais was Crazy Legs Conti, who cultivates a look that answers the age-old question, if Weird Al Yankovic impregnated a leprechaun, what would the baby look like?