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WHPPWellhead Protection Program
WHPPWorker Health Protection Program
WHPPWorksite Health Promotion Program
WHPPWaste Handling and Packaging Plant
WHPPWildlife Habitat Protection Program (various locations)
WHPPWorkplace Hazard Prevention Program (Canadian Union of Postal Workers)
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The Wellhead Protection Program first established under the Safe Drinking Water Act 1986 Amendments (US EPA 2004c) has now been replaced/expanded in the 1996 Amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act by the Source Water Protection Program (US EPA 2004d).
While the Sole Source Aquifer program is relatively weak, the Wellhead Protection Program and the Source Water Protection Program have the ability to be incorporated into local zoning and planning efforts as overlay zoning districts.
It was Mike, spearheading the Wellhead Protection Program, now Source Water Protection Program, at OEPA who recognized the value of DRASTIC mapping for ground water protection of public water supplies.
Washington state wellhead protection program guidance (Publication #331-018).
Washington State wellhead protection program guidance document (Publication #331-018).
Overview of a wellhead protection program: From the determination of recharge areas to the development of aquifer protection regulations.
For years, state agencies across the United States have been adopting wellhead protection programs. The locus of many of these programs has been to protect water supplies by delineating and recognizing the area contributing recharge to the water supply wells so that land use decisions can be made accordingly.
"Wellhead Protection Programs: Impacts on Water Utilities." By Steven P.
The approach was straightforward: establish national drinking regulations that specify maximum chemical contaminant levels, obtain water utility compliance, protect groundwater supplies by regulating underground injection wells, and establish groundwater protection grants for state wellhead protection programs. A decade ago, the SDWA Amendments of 1986 (P.L.
The states have been prompted in part by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986, which provide grants and technical guidance to state wellhead protection programs. The Act does not impose regulations itself, but leaves it to the states to create and manage protection programs.
* The CFR method can he an effective first step for small water systems lacking the financial or personnel resources to establish more sophisticated wellhead protection programs.