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WECIWelsh Eye Care Initiative (UK)
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This is slightly less than that found in the Welsh Eye Care Initiative (WECI) audit where 72% of referrals were correctly diagnosed.
"The Welsh Eye Care Initiative, funded by the Welsh Government, provides free special eye examinations for certain groups of patients who are at greater risk of eye disease, as well as emergency optometrist appointments for those with sudden eye problems, a primary care-based low vision service and screening for diabetic retinopathy for everyone in Wales with diabetes.
The Welsh eye care initiative funds eye health examinations for patients who may be at greater risk of eye disease, including if you have sight in one eye only; if you have a hearing impairment and are profoundly deaf - these patients need sight to lip read.
Speaking of all things edible, here comes the analogy, our bread of heaven, our optical feast, the devolved Government's dish of the day is the Welsh Eye Care Initiative (WECI).
Welsh optometrists are proud of the part they have played in delivering the Welsh Eye Care Initiative and there is no doubt it has helped to significantly reduce the number of patients referred into secondary care - as shown in an evaluation of the scheme by Cardiff University.
The Welsh Eye Care Initiative, which ensures patients can be referred to optometrists in the community for fast, accurate diagnosis at a convenient time and location, was singled out for praise at the award ceremony.
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