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WWFWorld Wrestling Federation
WWFWorld Wildlife Fund
WWFWorld Wide Fund for Nature
WWFWords with Friends (game)
WWFWindows Workflow Foundation (Microsoft)
WWFWorld Water Forum
WWFWindows Workflow Foundation
WWFWorld Wide Federation
WWFWelded Wire Fabric
WWFWorking Women's Forum (India)
WWFWet Weather Flow
WWFWireless World Forum
WWFWelded Wide-Flange (structural steel construction)
WWFWestdeutsches Werbefernsehen (German TV Channel)
WWFWesley Willis Fiasco (band)
WWFWorld Wide Fulfillment (Microsoft licensing media distribution)
WWFWorld of Warcraft Fund (gaming)
WWFWerewolf Form (gaming, Adventure Quest)
WWFWidowed White Female
WWFWell-Formed Formula
WWFWork, Welfare and Families
WWFWorker Welfare Fund (Pakistan)
WWFWoven Wire Fabric
WWFWorld Wheat Foundation
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The werewolf form liberates Remus from the constraints of propriety and the passivity he usually displays out of others' discomfiture with his condition.
He recalls sending Snape to the Shrieking Shack where Remus in werewolf form waited out the full moon in an act that not only could have resulted in Remus's expulsion from Hogwarts but in Snape's death as well.
She asks him whether, when in werewolf form, he goes about dressed or nude (69).
Moreover, the medieval construct of sympathetic versus monstrous werewolf forms a lens through which Rowling discusses Lupin's lessons as well as a historical connection to our literary past.