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WACBWest African Central Bank
WACBWest African Currency Board (British colonial government)
WACBWomen's Army Classification Battery
WACBWorld Association of Community Broadcasters
WACBWeighted Average Cost of Borrowing
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The West African Central Bank (WACB), the central bank for the WAMZ, in Accra, Ghana, is the authorised bank to print and issue the eco should it come into effect.
Informal remittance transfers from outside Cote d'Ivoire violate West African Central Bank (BCEAO) money transfer regulations.
The Anglophone nations of the West African Monetary Zone recently post-poned for four years the introduction of the common eco currency, which will operate on a par with the CFA franc and be administered by a West African Central Bank.
On 19 December 2003, the West African Monetary Zone decided that Ghana would host the headquarters of the West African Central Bank when it is set up in 2005.
The mission of the Institute is to undertake preparatory activities towards the establishment of the West African Central Bank (WACB), and the launching of a common monetary union for the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ).
Summary: West African central bank denies access to funds for Laurent Gbago's government as UN recognises rival as president.
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