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WBWarner Brothers
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WBWill Be
WBWestern Blot (biochemistry/molecular biology)
WBWhite Balance (digital photography)
WBWorld Bank
WBWest Bengal (state in India)
WBWeber (SI unit of magnetic flux)
WBWilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania)
WBWide Body
WBWeight Bearing
WBWorkbench (Amiga GUI)
WBWelcome Back (chat)
WBWeekly Bulletin
WBWest Bank
WBWater Board
WBWireless Broadband (Ciena)
WBWhole Body
WBWest Bend
WBWrite Back
WBWhole Blood
WBWestern Blotting
WBWhy Bother
WBWorld Book (encyclopedia)
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WBWhite Belt (Lean Six Sigma training)
WBWriters Block
WBWachovia Bank (stock symbol)
WBWest Branch
WBWilliam Beaumont (medicine school; Oakland University; Michigan)
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WBWet Bulb (Temperature)
WBWater Base
WBWhite Board
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WBWest Bloomfield (Michigan)
WBWinter Break
WBWomen's Bureau (US Department of Labor)
WBWhistle Blower
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WBWood Badge (Boy Scouts of America)
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WBWord Before (logging abbreviation)
WBWaste Basket (computer/OS usage)
WBWest Berlin
WBWerktuigbouwkunde (Dutch)
WBWhite Border
WBWaybill (shipping)
WBWeather Bureau
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WBWomen Build (Habitat for Humanity)
WBWork Boat (US Navy)
WBWarm Blood (saddle)
WBWar Birds
WBWilliamsburg Bridge (NYC)
WBWater Basin
WBWater Barrier
WBWhite Bag (artillery propellant)
WBWeather Balloon
WBWater Ballast
WBWing Bowl (competitive eating contest; Philadelphia, PA)
WBWeebl and Bob (cartoon)
WBWage Board
WBWillow Beach
WBWeigh Bridge
WBWelded Bonnet
WBWhere the Brothers (Mad TV)
WBWire Bonded
WBWeldbond (glue)
WBWater Brake
WBWarrant Bond
WBWestern Baptist College (Salem, Oregon)
WBWear Bushing (oil drilling)
WBWilson Bohannan Padlock Co (Marion, Ohio)
WBWesterly Band (Pawcatuck, CT)
WBWaldwick Band (Waldwick, NJ)
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dedicated to project assistance for the West Bank and Gaza through U.S.
Guy Inbar, an Israeli military spokesman, confirmed on Tuesday that Israel has granted West Bank residency to Assaf, his sister, brother-in-law and the couple's three children.
A hike in taxes in early September caused by economic accords with Israel that peg Palestinian sales tax to high Israeli rates sparked demonstrations in West Bank cities and calls for the government to resign.
About 45 percent of farmland in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is given over to olive cultivation, with approximately 10 million trees.
The IDF official revealed that the army is drafting a plan by which IDF soldiers can enter all Palestinian areas in the West Bank without fearing for their lives, such as areas in Jenin, Ramallah, and Bethlehem.
On April 13, the Cairo-based Arab League called on the Palestinians to refuse to heed the amended orders from the Israeli military that could trigger the West Bank deportations.
Ten Israeli rights groups condemned the orders, saying in a statement that the vast majority of Palestinians in the West Bank, territory Israel occupied in a 1967 war, have never been required to hold an Israeli-issued residency permit.
Both bodies have cautioned that those gains could be in danger if Israel does not remove more of the hundreds of roadblocks and checkpoints it maintains in the West Bank, which it says are necessary for security.
The Israeli military said Meir Avshalom Hai, a 40-year-old father of seven, died when his car came under fire in the occupied West Bank on Thursday night, either from a passing car or a roadside ambush, near the city of Nablus.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp said that Cache Valley Bank of Logan, Utah has assumed all of America West Bank's deposits.
These days, the West Bank is dominated by Fatah, which has controlled Palestinian politics since the early 1960s, while Gaza has become the stronghold of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas after crushing Fatah forces there in several months of internecine violence.
They live in orderly government-planned suburbs north and east of Jerusalem; in more isolated, far-flung towns surrounded by barbed wire and heavily-guarded highways; in small, fortified enclaves in and near the ancient biblical cities of the West Bank. These settlements are filled with the second and even third generations of those early post-war pioneers, who would have told that U.S.
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