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WICWomen, Infants and Children (public health program)
WICWAN Interface Card (Cisco)
WICWorld in Conflict (computer game)
WICWeb Intelligence Consortium
WICWest Island College (Canada)
WICWalk-in Clinic (healthcare)
WICWorld Inline Cup (racing)
WICWelfare and Institutions Code (California)
WICWalk-In Cooler (food service)
WICWalk In Closet
WICWriting Intensive Course (various universities)
WICWebsphere Innovation Center
WICWindows Imaging Component
WICWan Interface Card
WICWireless Interface Card
WICWest-Indische Compagnie (Dutch: west Indian company)
WICWoodwork Institute of California (now Woodwork Institute)
WICWomen in the Church (Presbyterian Church in America)
WICWomen's International Center (San Diego, CA, USA)
WICWorkshop in Computing
WICWittgenstein Centre for Demography and Global Human Capital (Vienna, Austria)
WICWireless Internet Caucus
WICWindows Integrity Control (Microsoft)
WICWine Institute of California
WICWorld Investment Conferences (investments; various locations)
WICWeapons Instructor Course
WICWideband Imaging Camera
WICWomen in Cable
WICWeb Information Center
WICWestern Isles Council (UK)
WICWick, Scotland, United Kingdom - Wick (Airport Code)
WICWalgreens Item Code (retail merchandising)
WICWest Indian Commission
WICWorld Internet Center (California)
WICWall-Mountable Interconnect Center (Corning, fiberoptic cable)
WICWarning Information Correlation
WICWelding Institute of Canada
WICWorld Interest Club
WICWood Institute of California
WICWork in Contract
WICWatershed Information Clearinghouse
WICWartime Identification Code
WICWilderness Instructors Course (Ontario, Canada)
WICWave Interface Card (Sycamore)
WICWonder Ice Cream (Newark, CA)
WICWideband Interference Cancellation
WICWire in Conduit (conductors)
WICWoodacre Improvement Club (Woodacre, CA)
WICWarfighting Integration Center (US Air Force)
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Annex II calls for public consultation--giving responsibility to an Independent West Indian Commission for Advancing the Goals of the Treaty of Chaguaramas.
Given the entrance of 'the citizen' into the lexicon, it is not surprising that the Report of the West Indian Commission entitled Time for Action, submitted to Heads in 1992, ushers in a new era of the 'citizenisation' of the Community.
These articles, no doubt, responded to the recommendations of the West Indian Commission, but also recognised the commitments of individual Member States to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.