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WYPBWest Yorkshire Probation Board (UK)
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[bar] CELEBRATION: Staff, children and family members are pictured making Christmas decorations in the First Class Nursery at Portland Street, Huddersfield (PW071211Ewonderland-02) [bar] GENEROSITY: Jacqui Goff, centre, project manager of the Mission Cafe, receives a cheque from Nick Brown, executive chairman of FMG Support, with volunteer workers from FMG (S) [bar] CONGRATULATIONS: Stan Hardy, left, chairman of West Yorkshire Probation Board, with George Parsisson and approved premises manager Sue Hall ( [bar] GETTING STUCK IN: NatWest employees volunteer for Kirkwood, from left, Claire Blakey, Farhan Patel, Helen Stringer, Kirkwood Hospice community fundraiser, Suzanne Barton, Laura-Marie Brook, Rachel Brann and Sarah Taylor (S)
People are needed to serve on the West Yorkshire Probation Board.
A spokesman for West Yorkshire Probation Board said Cardno was allowed out on Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL).
A honley man is the new deputy chief officer for the West Yorkshire Probation Board.
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