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WSWRNWest-Southwestern (weather reports)
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Neptune, Mars and Uranus will also be observed, standing above the west-southwestern horizon.
If I place M103 in the west-southwestern edge of the refractor's 37x field of view, the wide-angle eyepiece lets me cram NGC 663 into the scene as well.
A lOth-magnitude orange star hangs 1.3' south of its west-southwestern tip.
The middle star and a dimmer companion watch over the galaxy's west-southwestern end, while a faint star closely guards the opposite tip.
At 91x I count 20 stars in a 7' x 5' oval, including a meandering tail of stars dangling from the west-southwestern end.
A colorful, 8th- and 9th-magnitude star pair guards the cluster's west-southwestern border.
The western side of the group is sparsely populated, but a nice duo trims the west-southwestern edge.
Through my 105-mm refractor at 17x, I see a misty glow with a 10th-magnitude star on the west-southwestern edge and a 9th-magnitude star closely guarding the north-northwestern edge.
* On the morning of December 11th, a 9.1-magnitude star in Gemini will be occulted by faint 125 Liberatrix for up to 4 seconds as seen from a track running from southwestern Texas to southern California, with the star low in the west-southwestern sky.
A 10.7-magnitude star pins its west-southwestern verge, and a 6.8-magnitude star sits 4.4' north.
This nebula covers about 5' with a 10th-magnitude star at its west-southwestern edge and a 12th-magnitude star in its east-southeastern edge.