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WECOWestern Electric Company (now Lucent Technologies)
WECOWind Energy Production in Cold Climate (research project; EU)
WECOWealth, Education, Collaboration, and Opportunities (Fund Inc; Cleveland, OH)
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In the summer of 1976, the Western Electric Company, longtime manufacturing subsidiary to AT&T, earned a place of infamy in the arc of equal employment opportunity enforcement.
(18) Western Electric Company, Inc., Kearny Works, Pattern of Participation (Kearny, N.J., 1966), 1-33.
GMP expanded to a production shop manufacturing experimental prototypes after forming close relationships with the Western Electric Company and Bell Telephone Laboratories.
It would be the only entertainment of the summer for many employees of the Hawthorne Works of Western Electric Company and their families, an excursion and picnic followed by an evening cruise.
Otterson of the Western Electric Company, AT&T's manufacturing subsidiary, who in a 1927 memo outlined Ma Bell's strategy to "maintain an active offensive in the 'no man's land' lying between it and potentially competitive interests....
A bill of sale from Western Electric Company shows the entire equipment package cost less than $5,000, installed.
Gillespie, Curator of the History of Science at the Museum of Victoria, Australia, provides a great deal of information about this series of landmark experiments on worker productivity and workplace organization conducted at the Chicago Hawthorne Works of the Western Electric Company between 1924 and 1933; nevertheless, his true subject is the creation and use of knowledge.
His analysis of the experiments performed between 1924 and 1933 on workers at the Hawthorne Works of the Western Electric Company points to that impossibility, as he demonstrates the significance of managerial traditions and attitudes and scholarly preconceptions in shaping the experiments, findings, and dissemination of those "scientific discoveries." Eager to develop a science of work, Hawthorne's management sought to test the relationship between productivity and lighting at the workplace.
Jewett, "Development of New Apparatus for Manufacture," in Western Electric Company, Manufacturing and In 1907, Theodore Newton Vail became chief executive officer of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company and thus of the Bell System for which AT&T was the central holding company.
"(48) Other work of the refurbished Engineering Department--especially after 1909 and 1910--involved a search for formative innovations: for instance, the development of new means of improving long-distance transmission and explorations into wireless telephony.(49) The AT&T department's chief role in this work might best be termed "R&D Planning": it decided exactly what the System needed and what the specifications of the innovation should be; then it turned over the tasks of both research and development to the Western Electric Company (WECo).
Trahair (social science, La Trobe U., Australia) relates Mayo's medical background, involvement in the Hawthorne studies at Western Electric Company, work as a philosopher in South Australia, ideas about political psychology, teaching, years at Harvard, and as a psychologist.
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