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WWWidth of Wheel
WWWasatch Winds (American Fork, UT)
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No significant differences were found (P > 0.05) in wet weight ([F.sub.2,6] = 0.144, P = 0.868) or standard length ([F.sub.2,6] = 0.346, P = 0.720) among treatments at the start of the experiment (Table 2).
Winter wet weight and dry weight from the present study showed a significant decrease for field control mussels over the period of the experiment.
Additionally, we examined whether fish size (total length or wet weight) influenced diet composition, using the "envfit" function in R with 1000 permutations.
There was no significant difference in the size (total length and wet weight) between the species or treatment groups.
Frozen juvenile chum salmon were processed for data, including energy density in terms of whole body energy content (WBEC, cal/g wet weight [WW]), dry weight (DW, mg), percent moisture content (%MC), FL, and wet weight (mg).
The colons were placed on filter papers to measure their length and wet weight. Then calculate the ratio between weight and lengh.
For ease of interpretation, the graphs all use linear scale on the abscissa (mean nematocyst capsule dimensions, acontium diameter, and effective acontial length) and log scale on the ordinate (wet weight), as in Longley (1984) and Francis (2004).
It also produced 24% on wet weight basis and 15% on air dry weight basis more forage than `Stepford', another forage cultivar.
Even in a muscle tissue equivalent as low as 15 mg (wet weight), CVs were [less than or equal to]13% for all UDP-sugars.
Cadmium levels in excess of 10 parts per million (ppm) wet weight in vertebrate liver or kidney should be considered evidence of "contamination" and kidney levels in excess of 200 ppm wet weight should be considered life threatening (Eisler 1985).
With a wet weight of just 166kg, this is a light bike and out on the road it feels agile and nimble.
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