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For both soil textures without wetting and drying cycles, there was no significant difference between the applied preloads and estimated pre-compaction values from PST using a paired t-test.
Analysis of variance for the results obtained from CCT showed that the effects of soil texture, wetting and drying, water content and pre-load on estimated pre-compaction stress were significant (P< 0.01).
Wetting and drying resulted to increasing over-estimation of pre-compaction stress for both soils (Table 4); although it was not seen for the fine-textured soil under 200 kPa since the specimens at higher water content (1.1 PL) were saturated during pre-loading.
Paired t-test results for fine-textured soil in CCT indicated that for both conditions, with and without wetting and drying, no significant difference was seen between the estimated values under 100kPa pre-load, however it was significant in the case of 200 kPa pre-load.
In this paper, the effects of wetting and drying cycles on precompaction stress of two soils, one fine- and one coarse-textured, using PST and CCT were studied.
Peng X, Horn R, Smucker A (2007) Pore shrinkage dependency of inorganic and organic soils on wetting and drying cycles.
The interaction of moisture, preload and wetting and drying on pre-compaction stress (kPa) in PST Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different (P< 0.05) according to l.s.d.
Agricultural soils are subjected to seasonal wetting and drying cycles.
Viscous deformation in aggregate contact surfaces also occurs under wetting and drying cycles.
They are frequently exposed to wetting and drying cycles under flood irrigation.