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WFFWaka Flocka Flame (musician)
WFFWalton Family Foundation (Bentonville, AR)
WFFWallops Flight Facility
WFFWith Full Force (German music festival)
WFFWildland Firefighter Foundation (Boise, ID)
WFFWoodstock Film Festival (New York)
WFFWavelet Filter File
WFFWeb Fast Forms
WFFWord File Format
WFFWell Formed Formula
WFFWorst Friends Forever
WFFWell-Formed Formula
WFFWomen's Foodservice Forum
WFFWorld Fitness Federation
WFFWells Fargo Foothill (now Wells Fargo Capital Finance)
WFFWeb Form Factory (open source web form generator)
WFFWee Forest Folk
WFFWorld Freedom Federation (gaming clan)
WFFWildlife Foundation of Florida
WFFWildland Fire Fighting
WFFWildlife Freshwater Fisheries (Alabama)
WFFWomen for Faith and Family (Saint Louis, MO)
WFFWarfighting Functions (US Army)
WFFWomen's Forum for Fish
WFFWorld Food Fund
WFFWomen of Freedom Foundation
WFFWarm Fuzzy Feeling
WFFWashington Fly Fishing (online forum)
WFFWant for Free (classified ads)
WFFWinn Feline Foundation
WFFWorld Freedom Foundation
WFFWaterfowl Festival
WFFWater Front Foot Charge (property tax)
WFFWeak Form Formulation
WFFWarm Fuzzy File
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(2017) POM O3 Ceilometer Aerosol backscatter (CL-51) profiles Hampton Roads/ [O.sub.3], S[O.sub.2],; Richmond CO, N[O.sub.2], [O.sub.3] and regulatory [O.sub.3] N[O.sub.2] research static monitors analyzers provided [O.sub.3], N[O.sub.2] by NASA CO, S[O.sub.2], N[O.sub.2] [O.sub.3] [O.sub.3], S[O.sub.2], CO, PM Instrument Site(s)/platform Participation dates GSFC [O.sub.3] LaRC All lidar (TROPOZ) LaRC [O.sub.3] CBBT All lidar (LMOL) Ozonesondes CBBT, LaRC All Pandora CBBT, LaRC, VCU, All, except R/V SERC spectrometer R/V SERC, WFF only 17-18 Jul AERONET LaRC, CBBT, Hampton U.
One of Meredith's most notable projects was with Apple, which in April 2015 announced that, in partnership with The Conservation Fund's WFF, it had purchased up to 36,000 acres of American timberland in Maine and North Carolina.
WFF president Ranveer Singh Laishram said, "The Martial Arts which originated from Manipur have spread across 45 countries in the world.
FOODPHILIPPINES, the country's signature brand for food items under the Department of Trade and Industry's Center for International Trade Exhibitions and Missions (DTI-Citem), surprised buyers and attendees of the recently concluded Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS) held in San Francisco, California, on January 21-23, 2018.
(2010) found that WFF increases life satisfaction while FWF did not.
The WFF program, meanwhile, consists largely of earned income tax credits.
Rarely attempts have been made to integrate both WFC and WFF in a research model and examine the crossover of the same in supervisor and subordinate dyads in a workplace setting.
Typically when a unit receives its mission, the staff breaks up into staff elements or war-fighting functions (WfF) to read the orders from the higher headquarters and supported units.
PH LL LW NOL SD 50%F NOS WDF LL 0.988 LW 0.981 0.987 NOL 0.954 0.970 0.931 SD 0.959 0.981 0.945 0.997 50% F 0.967 0.940 0.917 0.890 0.898 NOS 0.955 0.946 0.971 0.842 0.867 0.935 WDF 0.921 0.904 0.943 0.778 0.805 0.910 0.994 NOF 0.959 0.936 0.929 0.855 0.873 0.991 0.967 WFF 0.995 0.978 0.968 0.964 0.961 0.952 0.924 LFF 0.959 0.919 0.887 0.910 0.902 0.979 0.874 100 SW 0.964 0.991 0.966 0.986 0.996 0.899 0.898 PH NOF WFF LFF 100SW LL LW NOL SD 50% F NOS WDF NOF 0.953 WFF 0.885 0.932 LFF 0.839 0.946 0.964 100 SW 0.843 0.886 0.959 0.887 PH: plant height, LL: leaf length, LW: leaf weight, NOL: number of leaves, SD: stem diameter, 50% F: 50% flowering, NOS: number of seeds, WDF: weight of dried fruits, NOF: number of fruits, WFF: weight of fresh fruit, and LFF: length of fresh fruit.
This year's edition of WFF is supporting upward of 75 Canadian artists through 12 different talent programs.
This article discusses the role of personnel recovery (PR) and its integration into the protection warfighting function (WfF).
With Fixapret(r) Resin WFF, and Helizarin(r) EcoSafe, consumers can enjoy end-products that look good, whilst saving on precious resources and being gentler on the skin.