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WFDWater Framework Directive (EU)
WFDWallingford (Amtrak station code; Wallingford, CT)
WFDWorld Federation of the Deaf
WFDWet Financiele Dienstverlening (Dutch: Financial Services Act)
WFDWindow Flow Diagram
WFDWindows Forms Designer
WFDWi-Fi Detector
WFDWorkflow Designer
WFDWestminster Foundation for Democracy
WFDWeltfriedensdienst (Germany)
WFDWorld's Fastest Drummer (competition)
WFDWaste Framework Directive (EU)
WFDWork Force Development
WFDWidespread Fatigue Damage
WFDWhat's for Dinner?
WFDWilmington Fire Department
WFDWorcester Fire Department
WFDWord Finding Difficulty (speech pathology)
WFDWeapons for Development
WFDWines for Dummies (book)
WFDWeapons in Exchange for Development
WFDWaiting for Dawn (band)
WFDWorkfile Definition
WFDWarden Fluid Dynamics (Seattle, WA)
WFDWindowed Fourier Decoder
WFDWhite Foreign Devil
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WHAT'S FOR DINNER? Try the spectacular Fiskfelagid (FishCompany, with its food from around the world.
Their concerns are: what am I doing today, what's the training, what's for dinner? "I doubt if there's been any huge discussions about it.
An often-overlooked fact in the debate between meat-eaters and vegetarians ("What's for Dinner?" Spring) is that animals are required for sustainable farming.
"We really want to help moms and busy home cooks with that dreaded question: 'What's for dinner?'" says Cheryl Brown, editor-in-chief of KitchenDaily .com and a former editor at Gourmet, which closed in October.
Rystrom launched her own nutrition therapy business in September with a focus on answering a question that comes up every day: What's for dinner? Many people struggle with this because they don't know how to plan a menu, she said.
"Anyway, there I am slaving over a hot stove, she bounds into the kitchen, 'something smells good, what's for dinner?' "'Fillet steak,' I reply.
If the simple question, "What's for dinner?" makes your whole body tense up, you aren't alone.
WHAT'S FOR DINNER?: Steven and Julie Roberts with their African grey parrot Charlie; (below) Charlie perches on Steven's head Pictures by Peter Cottle (PC020309Bparrot-05/08/09)
For example: "Did you go shopping today?' Or the perennial favourite 'what's for dinner?"
"What's for dinner?"--It's one question that plagues family cooks everywhere.
WHAT'S FOR DINNER? In the waters off South Carolina 4 years ago, biologists noticed lionfish specimens around 7 inches long, says David M.
Heard the joke about the older gentleman who--convinced that his wife was losing her hearing--repeatedly asks, "What's for dinner?" Frustrated by her lack of response, he moves closer and closer, each time repeating the question.