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WCAGAWhat Comes Around Goes Around (Soho boutique)
WCAGAWhat Comes Around Goes Around
WCAGAWomen's Caucus for Art of Georgia (est.1972)
WCAGAWith Covenants Against Grantor Acts (real estate)
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What comes around goes around. History has proven that time after time.
"Some people have said we were getting some generous penalties earlier on in the season so what comes around goes around."
That memory came to me when I first read about the merger of AT&T and BellSouth Corp., again proving the adage, what comes around goes around. The move would reunite four of the seven so-called Baby Bell telephone companies created when the government ordered the dissolution of AT&T (aka Ma Bell) in 1984.
Anyway, as a player you always know what comes around goes around.'
What comes around goes around, and for nothing else is this truer than money.
He revealed he had received sympathy letters from the culprit's families but added: "I can never forgive the killers and I don't like myself for that but I'm a great believer in the principle 'what comes around goes around'.
What comes around goes around. Use your experience to help out and be a model for others, regardless of their background.
WHAT comes around goes around (down under) for the One Direction boys as they get set to become mentors on the Australian X Factor.
But what comes around goes around and the London-centric television critics are setting the smug balance straight by having a pop at the Welsh connection.
They say what comes around goes around - so here's waiting for my thunder thighs to develop.
Men who favour thicker women should be mindful of the old wives' adage that 'what comes around goes around' for it is scientifically proven that the x chromosome responsible for intelligence in male offspring is passed from the woman.
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