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Just like in any other mainstream tale, readers will want to know: What really happened? Unfortunately, the meticulous way that this story is told, it will be almost impossible to know for sure.
Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened? is on at 9pm on BBC3 tonight (Monday).
Since I left the station, I've been repeatedly asked, "So what really happened?" The woman in the checkout line at the grocery store, the group at a local chamber meeting, all asking the same question, "Why did you really leave?"
KING OF POP: What really happened? And how would Jacques Peretti know?
Madonna and Mercy: What Really Happened? was fine as long as you're OK with a nice enough Un-super bloke trawling through the newspaper cuttings - and regurgitating them.
But what really happened? Barely two months after making that seemingly resolute vow, Bush was already backtracking on his anti-terror pledge with regard to Korea.
Marie laughs when I ask, 'What really happened?' 'Who knows the whole story,' she says, 'and maybe it's better that way.'"