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WDDTYWhat Doctors Don't Tell You (website)
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The Business of Baby: What Doctors Don't Tell You, What Corporations Try to Sell You, and How to Put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Before Their Bottom Line.
Besides the Townsend Letter (a must for all doctor's waiting rooms), a nice alternative might be What Doctors Don't Tell You (WDDTY).
Lynne McTaggart of What Doctors Don't Tell You, a consumer group which provides information about the risks and problems of modern medicine, revealed: "There is nothing to say how long a trial must be, but the average lasts only three weeks.
We spend an estimated 90 per cent of our lives indoors, most of which is spent inside our own homes," says Lynne McTaggart, editor of the bulletin sheet What Doctors Don't Tell You, which has revealed the latest research into pollutants in the home.
Subjects include: the "shocking" truth about milk, calcium and how it relates to osteoporosis, what doctors don't tell you about estrogen therapies.
I have subscribed to What Doctors Don't Tell You here in Britain almost since it was first published.
No-one knows if they have long-term effects, although the newsletter What Doctors Don't Tell You points out that benzene is linked to higher rates of cancer among painters and decorators, and formaldehyde is known to trigger nasal cancer in rats.
The research, revealed this month in the consumer health report What Doctors Don't Tell You, was unveiled at the International Society for Fluoride conference in Washington DC.
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