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WIWWhat I Wore (blog)
WIWWhen I Work (software)
WIWWet Inschakeling Werkzoekenden
WIWWill It Work?
WIWWsmo Implementation Workshop
WIWWSMO (Web Service Modelling Ontology) Implementation Workshop
WIWWork Is Worship (temporary employment; Grass Valley, CA)
WIWWhat's It Worth?
WIWWithin Wafer (variation)
WIWWhatever It Was
WIWWoodland-in-Waverly (neighborhood; Nashville, TN)
References in classic literature ?
He then, probably, would get mad and get shut up, or else get cured, forget all about it, and devote himself to his vocation, whatever it was - keep a shop and grow fat.
Then you will be blamed for dropping whatever it was.