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WYSWhat You Said
WYSWhatever You Say
WYSWest Yellowstone, Montana (Airport Code)
WYSWhat You Say
WYSWest Yorkshire Scouts
WYSWyandotte Southern Railroad Company
WYSWhat's Your Status?
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It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark) that, whatever you say to them, they ALWAYS purr.
I will do whatever you say," she agreed, "only--please look at me.
my dear, I wish you would not make matches and foretell things, for whatever you say always comes to pass.
I ought to mention," the Professor hastily put in, "that whatever you say will be used in evidence against you.
Fourth album Whatever You Say, Say Nothing, was released in 1991 and again did well, featuring the likes of Your Town, Only Tender Love, Will We Be Lovers and Hang Your Head.