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As to the Whigs, a man who goes with the thinkers is not likely to be hooked on by any party.
It appears to me -- who have been a calm and curious observer, as well in victory as defeat -- that this fierce and bitter spirit of malice and revenge has never distinguished the many triumphs of my own party as it now did that of the Whigs.
Then, moreover, as regarded his unceremonious ejectment, the late Surveyor was not altogether ill-pleased to be recognised by the Whigs as an enemy; since his inactivity in political affairs -- his tendency to roam, at will, in that broad and quiet field where all mankind may meet, rather than confine himself to those narrow paths where brethren of the same household must diverge from one another -- had sometimes made it questionable with his brother Democrats whether he was a friend.
At times, Blumenthal gets lost in the weeds (literally, when recounting the battles of Thurlow Weed and William Seward with an array of rivals for control of the Whig Party in New York).
The men who identified as Whig or Tory were not acting simply for personal or familial gain, but in the name of "political allegiances.
The wider and sometimes complicated story Black tells is of a Whig Party that reached its political maturity under William III and Anne as anti-French, pro-Dutch, anti-Catholic, favoring aggressive war against the universal monarchical ideals of Louis XIV, and opposing successful Tory attempts to strike a more or less compromise peace at Utrecht.
The English Reformation that installed Henry VIII as head of a new church gave the liberating kick that prepared the way for the Whig revolution, with all its blessings.
Horatio Group boss Stephen Magorrian said: "The Northern Whig has been one of our anchor properties and following a period of leasing the venue from its previous landlords, we're delighted to have finally purchased it.
Hannah Smith's essay, "'Our Church's Safety' and 'Whig Feminism'" highlights similar concerns among Whig women, whose anti-clericalism, while typical of Whig views more generally, was far from secular, given its attention to "our church.
Colledge, a minor figure in the Whig party, was the warm-up.
That was the precise number he got, amid harsh rumors of ballot fraud and laments from Whig newspapers like Worcester's Massachusetts Spy that financial disaster was imminent with the Democrats in power.
Although Butterfield was still wrestling with an older generation of Whig historians, his critical observations seem equally relevant for the present.