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WHIMSWomen's Health Initiative Memory Study
WHIMSWorkplace Hazardous Materials Information System (Canada)
WHIMSWet High Intensity Magnetic Separator
WHIMSWarehouse Inventory Management System (Wright Business Graphics)
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Weston observed, "all young people would have their little whims."
While such whims and chimeras were flitting across my fancy I began to look askance at Mrs.
Whether there was anything in the peculiar slyness of her action which fascinated Mr Quilp, or anything in the expression of her features at the moment which attracted his attention for some other reason; or whether it merely occurred to him as a pleasant whim to stare the small servant out of countenance; certain it is, that he planted his elbows square and firmly on the desk, and squeezing up his cheeks with his hands, looked at her fixedly.
I left off opposing her favourite whim on that account, because some of the sympathy was sure, in course of time, to fall to my share.
That night I sat at table with the captain and the hunters, while Thomas Mugridge waited on us and washed the dishes afterward--a whim, a Caliban- mood of Wolf Larsen's, and one I foresaw would bring me trouble.
"It was not altogether a whim," she said, her eyes falling from his, "and yet - now I am here - it does not seem easy to say what was in my mind."
'Why, ma'am,' he returned, 'I am thinking about Tom Gradgrind's whim;' Tom Gradgrind, for a bluff independent manner of speaking - as if somebody were always endeavouring to bribe him with immense sums to say Thomas, and he wouldn't; 'Tom Gradgrind's whim, ma'am, of bringing up the tumbling-girl.'
It was getting to be more than a passing whim with Arobin to see her and be with her.
Is she some little danseuse with the whim to be romantically rustic for a week?
But I will still vote "no" to any constitutional amendment that does not include taxpayer protection from political spending whims. I urge you to do the same for our children's and grandchildren's future.
Sadly, many of our legislators, contrary to their protestations, show utter disregard for the welfare of our children, basing their decisions solely on their whims and caprices.
He said that education policy for private schools is inevitable under the circumstances when fees are imposed on the whims of the school owners.