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WHISPWireless Handheld Information Service Platform (mobile phone technology)
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Whisp also records, without commentary, that an all witch team, the Holyhead Harpies, founded in Wales in 1203, defeated the Heidelberg Harriers in 1953 in what was "widely agreed to have been one of the finest Quidditch matches ever seen" (34).
45 (247m): Obtrex, Ronnie's Tops, Ellie's Lad, Coquet Whisp, Fat Cat.
WITH one eye blue and the other brown this is Whisp the working sheep dog.
Dublin makes a purplish splash, peeking out from a whisp of cloud trailing off the east coast and to the north east, Belfast is more clearly visible.
She has also put together another eagerly awaited tome called Quidditch Through The Ages, by Kinnillworthy Whisp, which tells the history and rules of the most important sport in the wizard world of Harry Potter and his pals.
Whisp, a collie, was missing for five days in the wilds, in winds of up to 100mph.
Willo the Whisp saw Williams voice-over the entire cartoon.
My choice of weapon was a tiny little thing by salmon fly standards, a little size 12 treble with a silver body and just a whisp of black hair.
The Parliament will have an electronic Hansard, a web-site and a racy-sounding publication called WHISP, which sounds as if it should be a top-shelf girlie magazine but is actually What's Happening in the Scottish Parliament.
She lowered her sunglasses and her green eyes stared back below a whisp of blonde hair.