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Most shoppers go to the deli seeking convenience, and Hispanic, African-American and white non-Hispanic households are all increasing their deli spend.
Young Hispanics are less likely to be Catholic Unaffiliated Protestant Catholic 18-29 31% 20% 45% 30-49 15% 24% 57% 50+ 45% 57% 64% While young Catholics are more likely to be Hispanic Other White non-hispanic Hispanic 18-29 12% 43% 8% 30-49 8% 48% 71% 50+ 8% 44% 21% Source: Pew Research Center, Figures may not add to 100% due to rounding.
Although they spend less money on store brands than their white non-Hispanic counterparts do, African-American consumers still offer retailers opportunities in the private label sector.
A study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health found a disparity between white non-Hispanic construction workers and Hispanic or black construction workers when considering workers' comp settlements.
Recent research suggests that low-educated unemployed workers are less likely to access UI than high-educated unemployed workers and that minority unemployed workers are less likely to do so than White non-Hispanic unemployed workers.
SAN ANTONIO--Older Mexican American men are significantly less likely than older white non-Hispanic men to be diagnosed or treated for depression, investigators found in an analysis of preliminary data from the Men's Health and Aging Study.
Older Mexican American and white non-Hispanic men are undertreated for depression, possibly because they talk about the depression experience differently from the way in which women do, preliminary findings from the Men's Health and Aging Study show.
Approximately one-third of Black and Hispanic households have a computer at home, as compared to slightly more than one-half of all White non-Hispanic households, and two-thirds of Asian households, and are even less likely to have Internet access at home (Newburger, 2001).
Latin mothers experience greater pregnancy and birthing complications than do white non-Hispanic women.
Black non-Hispanic students had total asthma loads of 34%, Hispanic students had loads of 25%, and white non-Hispanic students had loads of 20%.
In order to be numerically significant, a group must either represent at least 15 percent of the student body and have more than 30 students or have more than 100 students regardless of what percentage they are, There are eight different groups that can qualify as numerically significant, depending on the number of students in each group in a school: African-American, American Indian (or Alaska Native), Asian, Filipino, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, white non-Hispanic, and "socioeconomically disadvantaged" students.
In the article "HIV and AIDS--United States, 1981-2000," on page 431 in Table 1, the number of white non-Hispanic persons with AIDS reported during 1996-2000 should be 89,896, and the number of persons with AIDS reported for U.