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She has highlighted how the poor die nine years younger than others, how if you're black you're more harshly treated by the justice system and if you're a white working class boy you've less chance than anyone of getting into a university.
THREE-QUARTERS of white working class boys fail to achieve five good GCSE grades, new research has revealed.
people in ethnic minority households are almost twice as likely to live in relative poverty as white people but it is not just those from minority backgrounds who are affected, with white working class boys less likely to go to university than any other group
It is a ticking time bomb that is leading to more and more boys, especially white working class boys, feeling disengaged, out-of-place and marginalised by our education system from an early age.
Education is crucial - and the country can learn from London Praising the "remarkable turnaround over the last decade in London schools," he said: "The challenge simply is to end the scandal of so many kids on free school meals, especially white working class boys, not being able to read and write at the age of 11.
WHITE working class boys are still under-performing at schools compared to children of other ethnic backgrounds in Birmingham.
Disadvantaged white working class boys in Birmingham are being left behind in exam results at a time when all other ethnic groups are making great progress.
Almost two thirds of 14-year-old white working class boys and more than half of 14-year-old black Caribbean boys have a reading age of seven, the report said.
THERE is nothing surprising or new about the Rowntree Foundation report on the low educational attainment of white working class boys.
In 2014 just 27 black students entered Oxford University out of an intake of more than 2,500, and only one in ten of the poorest white working class boys enter higher education.
Given recent statistics that show the comparatively low engagement of white working class boys in higher education, the report should spur on the Welsh Government to be ever more ambitious in its policy of narrowing the educational gap in schools and colleges.