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WZAnimalian Female Sex Chromosome Code
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That's the opening verse from a song called Black Sunshine, by American heavy metal outfit White Zombie.
His text inspired the 1932 Hollywood B movie, White Zombie, featuring Bela Lugosi as the evil "Voodoo" priest who uses the living-dead to run his sugar plantation.
Released in 1932, the first feature-length zombie film, White Zombie, starred Bela Lugosi, who played a plantation owner in Haiti whose sugarcane fields were worked by zombies (Figure 2).
The first feature length zombie movie, White Zombie (1932)--made during the American occupation of Haiti--appropriated its zombies from Voudun in order to refashion Haitian religion as Hollywood entertainment.
On the other hand, Seabrook's work was also the source for the first zombie film, White Zombie, directed by Victor Halperin in 1932, and classic film I Walked with a Zombie, directed by Jacques Tourneur in 1943--thanks to journalist Inez Wallace's articles, inspired by Seabrook's work (Palacios 2010, 30-33).
2) 'More Human than Human' by White Zombie - The second song that is in my list comes from the 'post-apocalyptic man' himself, Rob Zombie.
The book examines the films White Zombie, The Love Wanga, I Walked with a Zombie, The Serpent and the Rainbow, and others.
I met my then girlfriend, Sean Yseult, at the Parsons School of Design and we co-founded White Zombie."
Born Robert Cummings in 1965, Zombie is now as well known for his movies as he is for his music, which he has released and performed both as a solo artist and as part of his early band White Zombie. In both fields, he imbues his art with the vivid sense of macabre theater that has thrilled his millions of disciples since he and his band first emerged with Soul-Crusher in 1987.
Taking place just before Valentine's Day, the lecture will be followed by a screening of 1932 film White Zombie, in which Lugosi plays a witch doctor who lures a beautiful young lady to his castle to be his zombie slave.
(A lecture by Mark Iveson, followed by White Zombie film screening) Saturday February 13, 6pm - 8pm.
One can see deeper meaning in movies such as White Zombie (1932), considered the first zombie film, or Night of the Living Dead (1968) than their phantasmagoria might suggest.