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WCPIWorker Communist Party of Iraq
WCPIWisconsin Cancer Pain Initiative (est. 1986)
WCPIWestern Community Policing Institute (Monmouth, OR)
WCPIWhite-Crowned Pigeon (bird species)
WCPIWorld Congress on Pathology Informatics (est. 2007)
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The orbit is red in the Diamond dove, gray in the Luzon Bleeding-heart Dove (Gallicolumba luzonica) and white in the White-crowned Pigeon (Columba leucocephala) of the Caribbean.
Look for the white-crowned pigeon, stripe-headed tanager, red-legged thrush, and thick-billed vireo.
The region also is important for breeding white-crowned pigeons, wading birds, and seabird populations and its mangrove forests support numerous migrating songbirds.
He is a key player in many conservation initiatives including those focused on swallow-tailed kites and white-crowned pigeons.
For six consecutive weekends beginning with the third week in August, plump and tasty white-crowned pigeons, and white-winged, mourning and zenaida doves, are Jamaica's only legal game.
He always said that when the numbers of those white-crowned pigeons grew, the conditions were right for the tarpon migration to start.
Birders usually explore trails on Elliott Key by day, searching for Caribbean specialties such as black-whiskered vireos, gray kingbirds, or white-crowned pigeons. But adventurers can spend the night camping near the harbor, being Idled to sleep by trilling screech owls or the hum of a million mosquitoes.
The timing of southern Florida's white-crowned pigeons' breeding similarly reflects the abundance of fruit of the Florida poison tree.
White-tailed ptarmigans provide that service at Mount Rainier and Rocky Mountain; Colima warblers and lucifer hummingbirds at Big Bend; wood storks, limpkins, short-tailed hawks, and white-crowned pigeons at Everglades; and bridled quail-dove at Virgin Islands.