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WHLWestern Hockey League
WHLWhitehall (Amtrak station code; Whitehall, NY)
WHLWhite Hart Lane (rail station; UK)
WHLWorld Hypertension League
WHLWorld Heritage List
WHLWoolworths Holdings, Ltd. (South Africa)
WHLWomen's Hockey League (various locations)
WHLWind Hydrogen Limited (international renewable energy company)
WHLWestland Helicopters Limited
WHLWestern Hemlock Looper
WHLWidth, Height, Length
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They know--and shall know--nothing of Whitehall Terrace.
It was of such importance that I have never left it in my safe, but have taken it across each evening to my house in Whitehall Terrace, and kept it in my bedroom in a locked despatch-box.
After breakfasting at Whitehall, we took the stage-coach for Albany: a large and busy town, where we arrived between five and six o'clock that afternoon; after a very hot day's journey, for we were now in the height of summer again.
We reached Whitehall, where we were to disembark, at six next morning; and might have done so earlier, but that these steamboats lie by for some hours in the night, in consequence of the lake becoming very narrow at that part of the journey, and difficult of navigation in the dark.
Tear up your letter of introduction, and don't stir a step further in the direction of Whitehall."
Troy set forth for the Head Office in Whitehall to consult the police on the question of the missing money.
He went on to Whitehall, and he tried the detective police.
When we had ten in, our boat we drew back, and the second Whitehall was loaded.
When the flotilla had been landed, Nicholas and I and a watchman rowed out in one of the Whitehalls, with Charley in the stern- sheets.
Later on, in the wider space of Whitehall, all visual evidences of motion became imperceptible.
The domestic supply of wheat rose to 500 million bushels in 2008, Whitehall said.
The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, in In re Whitehall Jewelers, Inc., recently dealt with whether a Chapter 11 debtor could sell consignment goods free and dear of the interests of consignment creditors.