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Atomic Energy of Canada Limited established Whiteshell Laboratories for nuclear science and development and the community of Pinawa in 1963.
The PIPSC represents a unit of approximately 60 professional engineering or scientific employees at the Whiteshell Laboratories in Pinawa, Manitoba.
Almost immediately you cross the Winnipeg River with a view of the Seven Sisters Generating Station and go past a roadside park and Ara Mooradian Way, the entrance to Whiteshell Laboratories and to several other local businesses.
Most Manitobans know AECL Research Whiteshell Laboratories for its world-leadin CANDU nuclear technology work.
The key Manitoba ingredient, according to Saunders, is that Whiteshell Laboratories can generate a beam of pure electricity which creates a molecular change within the polymer.
Whiteshell Laboratories and ASPE Systems will "space test" the new material on an upcoming space shuttle flight.
Peter Taylor, MCIC, is a chemist with the Research Chemistry Branch of AECL Research at Whiteshell Laboratories in Pinawa, MB.
Chemistry is a very important discipline in nuclear research and development, and it features prominently at the Whiteshell Laboratories of AECL Research, located about 100 km northeast of Winnipeg.
The Whiteshell Laboratories are one of the major R&D centres in Manitoba and, indeed, in Western Canada.
Thus, much of the chemistry effort at the Whiteshell Laboratories is related to programs in these areas.
If your business involves manufacturing or development of health care products, environmental products and services, or sophisticated R&D, then you should know about Whiteshell Technology Park -- a unique high-technology environment next to Western Canada's largest and most sophisticated research centre, AECL Research Whiteshell Laboratories, near Pinawa, Manitoba.
Because of Whiteshell Laboratories, we have in Pinawa and the Eastern Manitoba region, a deeper knowledge and understanding of high technology than most other communities," says Dr.