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Since the beginning of 2017, whole milk powder prices have inched up about 45% according to data provided by the Global Dairy Trade, a platform that supplies data about the commodity.
The ministry's note said that the government has also banned the export of skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, dairy whitener, infant milk foods, and casein and casein products with effect from February 18.
The company started exporting SMP and whole milk powder in 2004-05 (refers to financial year, April 1 to March 31).
The company produces a wide range of dairy products like pasteurized liquid milk, cream, butter, ghee, paneer, skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, dairy whitener, milk mix, instant food mixes, khoya etc.
On top of this, the USDEC suggest that China will continue to be actively buying whole milk powder, cheese and other dairy products to service its booming foodservice sector.
EU dairy products will have fully liberalised access to Morocco with the exception of liquid milk and whole milk powder.
Whole milk powder has soared 88% in just four months, while cream prices have more than doubled since February to a record pounds 1,700/tonne.
The report stated that Whole Milk Powder (WMP) production is also predicted to increase by 16 per cent compared to the previous year to 754,000 tons in 2008-2009.
GEA Process Engineering will supply process know-how, technology, equipment and install plants for the production of whole milk powder and infant formula powder, as well as training local Feihe production staff.
It said the chemical was detected in samples of blueberry and chocolate flavoured Cadbury Choclairs and Panda Dairy-brand Whole Milk Powder imported from China.
According to OECD, complete liberalization of the world's domestic support policies would push up global market butter prices by 57%, cheese by 35%, whole milk powder (WMP) by 17% and skim milk powder (SMP) by 21.
Spokesman John Tyrrell said they focused on the need to achieve a significant increase in export refunds for whole milk powder and skim milk powder as well as a major increase in aid.