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WVVWinschoter Voetbal Vereniging (Dutch: Winschoten Soccer Association; Winschoten, Netherlands)
WVVWillamette Valley Vineyards (also seen as WVVI; Turner, OR)
WVVWestdeutscher Volleyball-Verband eV
WVVWerkgroep Vluchtelingen Vrij (Dutch: Refugee Working Group)
WVVWorld Vision Vietnam (est. 1960)
WVVWhole Virus Vaccine (immunology)
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The Arbovax core technology is a whole virus vaccine developed by Drs.
Washington, May 28 (ANI): In the first head to head study of the two H1N1 vaccines used in the UK during the recent pandemic has found that the adjuvanted split virus vaccine induced higher immune response rates in young children, but was linked with more reactions than the whole virus vaccine.
Kids were grouped by age and were randomised to receive either the split vaccine or the whole virus vaccine in two doses, 21 days apart.
The split virus vaccine was more immunogenic and achieved higher seroconversion rates than the whole virus vaccine, especially in children aged less than 3 years.
We report an inactivated whole virus vaccine that is safe and immunogenic in healthy adults and that requires a low dose and only 1 injection to trigger an immune response.
Each of the three immunization products evaluated in this study (killed whole virus vaccine, live attenuated chimeric virus vaccine, and passive immunization with immune serum) protected hamsters from clinical encephalitis and death upon subsequent challenge with the virulent wild-type WNV strain NY385-99.
A number of H5 avian influenza vaccines, including the inactivated whole virus vaccines and live recombinant vaccines using fowlpox virus or turkey herpesvirus (HVT) or Newcastle disease virus (NDV) as vectors to express the HA antigen of a selected H5 subtype avian influenza virus (AIV) strain [4], are currently available for use in poultry.
Vaccination with current whole virus vaccines leads to specific antibody production making it difficult to distinguish between vaccinated animals and natural infection.
The split virus preparations show lower pyrogenicity than whole virus vaccines. In general, 1 dose for adults contains the equivalent of 45 [micro]g HA (15 [micro]g HA for each of the 3 antigenic components).