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It is encouraging to see that the platform makes a modest but important recognition that environment sustainability is a responsibility of all portfolios and a whole of government approach to environmental sustainability must be pursued -- this is an approach that should be pursued by all parties in Australia," Henry said.
This will involve a whole of government approach with multi-levels of collaboration, with and between States, and with a range of stakeholders.
He said the traffic situation in Metro Manila requires the whole of government approach and the participation of several government agencies.
We need a whole of government approach to ensure the safety and welfare of our citizens," Roxas said.
Implementing a whole of government approach to responding to elder abuse.
It puts forward a whole of Government approach, working with the NGO sector and local communities.
We are committed to provide not only forces and resources but also leadership and experience to this endeavor, Marquez said, citing the whole of government approach in addressing security, peace and order, and emergency preparedness.
It is important that consultation, which goes beyond a whole of government approach to a whole of community approach, impacts the life of the young Ghanaian men and women, who take the decision to undertake unsafe, disorderly and irregular migration.
Additionally, a whole of government approach was discussed in defeating terror; the group received many intelligence and update briefs from the United States Department of Defense and U.
Solving the drug epidemic will require a whole of government approach that calls upon law enforcement, the medical community, the diplomatic corps, and our military.
AFMA General Manager Fisheries Operations, Peter Venslovas, emphasised the importance of the whole of government approach to protecting our marine resources.
It will be a whole of nation or whole of government approach to address all the loopholes, if ever that (report of ransom paid) is true," he added.