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If the Indians now provided opportunities for African American ballplayers, why would anyone care about the Negro Leagues?
If life is so boring, why would anyone care that Reggie Jackson, in 1977, hit three home runs to win the World Series for the Yankees?
My initial reaction was OMG, why would anyone care about this stuff?
At a party, ask someone whether they tweet and the typical response is either "what?" or "why would anyone care about text messages with under 140 characters?" But you'd be making a mistake if you wrote off Twitter as a result.
Why would anyone care what this miscellaneous collection of cultural elites thinks about matters of faith?
Assuming that nanofactories really can provide people with anything they need and want, why would anyone care to block access to them by others?
Why would anyone care about bores like Stephen Byers and Martin Sixsmith when Kylie is flashing her knickers?