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YNTYou Need This
YNTwhy not? (chat/SMS)
YNTYouth National Team
YNTYoung, Native and Talented (band)
YNTYusen Navtec (est. 1987; Japanese shipping company)
YNTYonin no Translators
YNTDistrict Net Tender (US Navy)
YNTYtre Nordfjord Turlag (Norway)
YNTYouth N-Touch Ministries
YNTEuropean Association for Young Neurologist and Trainees
YNTYoung Niddrie Team (gang; UK)
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There was enough for everybody - India for Russia, a time-honoured dream, but why not? Alsace-Lorraine and perhaps Egypt, for France; Australia for Japan; China and South Africa for Germany.
Lorry thought he saw, as he leaned forward on his bench in the dusk, with his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, that he was in some misty way asking himself, "Why not?" The sagacity of the man of business perceived an advantage here, and determined to hold it.
"Why not? You've a mouth, haven't you?" asked the boy.
'Why not?' and with this remark, which he uttered in a low voice as though he were discussing some grave question with himself, he used the little finger--if any of his fingers can be said to have come under that denomination--of his right hand as a tobacco-stopper, and was silent again.
There was a repetition, in large letters, like the hammering of conscience on a murderer's heart: Why not? Then, boldly: Thousands of pairs of gloves from the leading markets of the world at astounding prices.
Why not? said I; every true whaleman sleeps with his harpoon --but why not?
"Well," she said, "why not? Your own proposal is a mockery.
'Why not? I hope there may turn out to be no why not.
"Why not?" said Natasha, without changing her position.
'That's what the Why Not? Mentality is all about: Doing you regardless of what people think and being confident in who you are.'
Oklahoma City, OK, August 20, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Layups2Standup, an innovative brand that channels the love of basketball and comedy to create community events, has announced the return of the "Why Not?? Comedy Show" hosted by renowned comedian Demetrius "Juice" Deason and NBA MVP Russell Westbrook.
Why not? Adopting a child and becoming a mom in two days?