WiSeNETWireless and Sensor Networks Consortium
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'Commend Advanced Security Communication Systems and Wisenet Video Surveillance Solutions are increasingly being specified for the same projects and it is totally understandable that our mutual customers should expect our two solutions to work in harmony in order to provide them with greater situational awareness,' said Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing for Hanwha Techwin Europe.
Commend Advanced Security Communication Terminals can be configured to send alarm events to the Wisenet WAVE VMS
In addition to using the combined solution for day-to-day activities such as visually verifying the identity of a person who is requesting access to a restricted area, Commend Advanced Security Communication Terminals can also be configured to send alarm events to the Wisenet WAVE video management software when, for example, an emergency call is made or a sensor is triggered.
The alarm event is instantly displayed on a Wisenet WAVE control room monitor along with images captured by associated cameras, allowing operators to visually verify the identity of the person making the call and what may be occurring, and then quickly take the most appropriate action.
WiseNet's sensors continuously capture seat-level occupancy with passive infrared devices mounted inconspicuously under desktops and conference tables.
Leveraging its actual utilization data as measured by WiseNet, the company's new space was configured with 46% fewer workstations and three times as many collaborative areas.
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'The ability of Milestone's VMS to support existing, as well as future generations of Wisenet cameras, means they can be controlled and monitored alongside devices and systems produced by other third party manufacturers, as well as integrated with specialist analytics applications.'
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