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In 2003 astronomers William Keel (University of Alabama) and Kirk Bork (Institute for Science and Technology, Raytheon/NASA-Goddard) used observations from the HST Wide-Field Planetary Camera 2 and a computer N-body simulation to model Arp 81's one-sided tidal tail, the star-forming complexes bridging the region between the galaxy nuclei, and a twisting system of dust lanes.
The Hubble space telescope - which has been upgraded with a new wide-field planetary camera - has detected a faint smudge of starlight that experts say is likely to be a galaxy.
In addition to installing COSTAR, they will replace a Wide-Field Planetary Camera with a similar camera that has been built to include corrective equipment for the telescope's optical flaw.
The space telescope's first look at an astronomical object will come via the wide-field planetary camera, one of five scientific instruments onboard.
In addition, Villard says, the extra time may let scientists improve their ability to use two of the telescope's five instruments at the same time, such as its Wide-Field Planetary Camera and its Faint-Object Spectrograph.