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WLKPWielkopolska (region in Western Poland)
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Tenders are invited for Implementation of the exhibition stand Wielkopolskie Province according to the Employer%s design at FOODEX JAPAN 2018 and at BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA 2018, divided into parts, as part of Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program for 2014-2020, Measure 1.
Wielkopolska has continued to report strong results, with a current balance of PLN234 million at end-3Q17 (end-3Q16: PLN228 million), accounting for more than 30% of current revenue.
8 percent share in highway operator Autostrada Wielkopolska, daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna has reported, citing the company's documents.
A memorandum of understanding related to the creation of a JESSICA (Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas) Holding Fund was signed, on 16 October in Bratislava, between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the regional self-government of Poland's Wielkopolska Region.
Contract award notice: Service of parking and towing of vehicles, Spare parts and other things for police units of the wielkopolska region.
In the Wielkopolska Declaration the AER adopted at its general meeting in Poznan on November 27 and 28, it also calls on the European institutions and states to allow the regions to be fully involved in managing European funds and to lend support to their administrative and legislative capacities.
Wielkopolska " Part 1 of the contract covers the following organizational units: The team of tax units in Poznan, The Chamber of Tax Administration in Poznan, First Revenue Office in Poznan, Poznan-Wilda Tax Office, Tax Office Poznan-Winogrady, Tax Office Poznan-Grunwald, Poznan - New Town Tax Office, Tax Office Poznan-Jezyce, The first Wielkopolska Tax Office in Poznan, Wielkopolska Customs and Tax Office in Poznan ul.
Note on the position offered parking We offer parking may be located within the administrative boundaries of any district bordering directly with the district Poznan, with the proviso that the district bordering must be at the same time in the administrative borders of Wielkopolska region, for example.
Contract award notice: educational grants wielkopolski superintendent of education services - teachers wielkopolska region in 2016 - use of methods and forms of assessment conducive to learning, including formative assessment.
Contract award notice: provision of towing vehicles and operating heavy equipment, vehicle parking, storage of parts and other items for the police units wielkopolska region.
Contract award notice: educational grants wielkopolski superintendent of education services - teachers wielkopolska region in 2016 -edukacja cultural and artistic as a condition for the comprehensive development of the student.