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One solution proposed in a paper published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin is to create a market for wild deer meat.
A report in the Wildlife Society Bulletin said that 573,000 birds and 888,000 bats were being killed each year by wind turbines.
Vrtiska is lead author of the report "Economic and Conservation Ramifications from the Decline of Waterfowl Hunters," published in the Wildlife Society Bulletin (Wiley).
In a study published Monday in Wildlife Society Bulletin, Oregon State University scientists say it appears that wolves are helping to restore the lynx population by reducing the number of coyotes, therefore ensuring that there are more snowshoe hares available for the lynx to eat.
In a 1997 article, "Monetary and Intangible Valuation of Deer in the United States," published in Wildlife Society Bulletin, M.
Conover reported in Wildlife Society Bulletin that animal-vehicle collisions kill more than 1.
In the summer 2002 issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin, Howard Kilpatrick and cohorts published a paper evaluating a shotgun/archery hunt in a Connecticut community Hunters were selected from a mailing to local hunter-safety instructors and local sportsmen's groups.
In a paper submitted to the Wildlife Society Bulletin, Pagel and two colleagues contend that prematurely delisting the bird for political expediency would set a dangerous precedent for other endangered species.
In a paper published in the professional journal The Wildlife Society Bulletin, a quarterly collection of peer-reviewed studies by wildlife biologists, Brown discusses what he calls the continuum from hunter to shooter.
An article in the fall issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin shows that nearly 42 percent of all domestic sheep and lambs that died in the United States during 1994 were killed by predators.
Journals that published more than one peer-reviewed article in the HD-area were Arctic (n = 2), Canadian Journal of Forestry (n = 3), Journal of Wildlife Management (n = 2), Scandinavian Journal of Forest Economics (n = 2), Scandinavian Journal of Forestry Research (n = 3), Society and Natural Resources (n = 3), and the Wildlife Society Bulletin (n = 5).
Most recently, Warren accepted the prestigious position of Editor of the Wildlife Society Bulletin.
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