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Examples have been given of narrowband bandpass filters, Wilkinson power dividers, quadrature couplers, a DECT VCO and a wireless LAN LNA.
A modified Wilkinson power divider is designed based on the analysis in Section 2 for validating the proposed structure.
At the initial phase of designing the proposed WPD, the author used the basic Wilkinson power divider dimensions as illustrated in Section 2.
A four-section Wilkinson power divider is realized on a microstrip line substrate, and the coupler is achieved in a stripline substrate.
This paper can be considered as an extension of the Wilkinson power divider [9].
Wilkinson power divider is utilized in the antenna array as the feeding.
Pham, "Development of a wide bandwidth Wilkinson power divider on multilayer organic substrates," Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol.
On the other, the modified Wilkinson power divider proposed in [9] makes use of a one-stage Wilkinson power divider in combination with a conventional microstrip transmission line and a CRLH-TL whose unit cell is composed by [L.
One configuration [12] attaches two central transmission line stubs to a conventional Wilkinson power divider for dual-band responses.
In Section 3, the design of Wilkinson power divider which is used as feed network for this array is described.
Gheethan, "Design methodology of multi-frequency un-equal split Wilkinson power divider using transmission line transformers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol.