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References in classic literature ?
Then she told us all the tale of her wanderings since she had fled away from the side of Umslopogaas at the stronghold of the Halakazi, and it was long, so long that I will not repeat it, for it is a story by itself.
No, sir, I will not," said Mary, more resolutely still.
I will not let the close of your life soil the beginning of mine.
The advice given here is of a general nature and will not necessarily apply in all circumstances - readers should consult a solicitor
And the evidence suggests that broader use of living wills can actually disserve rather than promote patients' autonomy: If, as we have argued, patients sign living wills without adequate reflection, lack necessary information, and have fluctuating preferences anyway, then living wills will not lead surrogates to make the choices patients would have wanted.
The principle of all these cases [of equitable fraud] is that a court of equity will not permit a person to whom property is transferred .
Anti-abortion pioneers Jack and Barbara Willke, creators of a popular slide show depicting fetal development, privately advise their comrades, "We will not show visuals under six weeks because we feel that if we do, the audience may change their minds from their conviction that this is human life.
Cali and Maria further agree that Michael will not have to lift skins or fetch water as part of his responsibilities.
You're acknowledging that you will not have control and that you have to trust someone," Kelly says.
They may be shocked to discover that Social Security alone will not assure them the same standard of living in their retirement years.
It contained this sentence: "As a society, we have agreed that some voices, regardless of whether or not they represent a religious belief, will not be given free space in our news media.